NgAngA Art


NgAnga Art.  Making a difference” has long been local artist NgAnga’s motto but, with his latest MAD café project aiming to bring positive change to the heart of Collingwood, it has also become the perfect little title for his one man mission.

During a whistle-stop tour of the radically reinvented Collingwood’s Café, its almost impossible to keep up with the “artrepreneur”.  He’s fizzing with ideas and energy as he outlines his broad, deep vision that encompasses stimulation fro the mind and food for the soul.

“There’s the café and the fine art gallery inside, and Nourishing Beauty outside – where people will be able to buy organic seeds and vegetables.  There will be raw food, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free – and glutton free.  And I offer low alcohol local beers, including a specially brewed Divine MADnes.

The artist’s trademark purple palette is used sparingly in the interior décor, but the magical colour completely dominates a small room dedicated to a collections of some of his most spectacular works.  “This is the ultra-violet gallery, especially for my dot paintings – they will look great under UV light.”

No corner of the large, labyrinthine building will be wasted.  A corridor has been earmarked as a small art supplies kiosk, while a spacious carpeted room at the rear will serve as an office, function room and teaching space.  I’ll run my art classes here and have guest lectures.  It’ll be cosy with the fire going in the winter.”

Well away from the warmth of the wood burner, a large open courtyard to the south of the building is being developed to include “up the garden path”, a putting green, a petanque court and a children’s play pen, as well as a dedicated corner for seedlings and vegetables.  NgAngA hopes that the area will act as a focal point for Collingwood locals.  “It’s a place for the community to gather and play.”

A large shed at the far end of the yard will be put to use as “creative expression” artist’ studios, while outside he plans to run weekly markets during the summer.

NgAngA’s commitment to painting the town with colour extends well beyond his own four walls – to the exterior slab of several high street buildings on which he is creating large public works.  “We’ve got six murals underway at the moment.”

Such energetic and creative “MADness” has already made a difference to Collingwood and the township’s latest upgrade is just amazing.

For further information, phone NgAndA on 021 107 6312.

:source: Jo Richards, Golden Bay Weekly: Published Friday 25 Nov 2016